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Business User Video Tutorials

This page provides business user tutorials for both new and experienced users. These videos are kept up to date with the most recent Looker release.

For developer tutorials see our Developer Video Tutorials page.

Why Use Looker?

Learn how Looker can make your work life easier and more effective.

Why Use Looker
Applies to 5.14+

Getting Started

Learn how to log in to Looker.

Getting to Looker
Applies to 5.10+

Viewing Saved Content

Learn how to find and view existing content, and how to adjust dashboards for your needs.

Navigating to Saved Content
Applies to 4.16+
Viewing Looks
Applies to 4.18+
Viewing Dashboards
Applies to 5.6+
Making Temporary Dashboard Changes
Applies to 5.4+

Data Deliveries

Learn how to schedule data deliveries to yourself and others.

Sending and Scheduling
Applies to 6.0+
Creating Alerts from Dashboard Tiles
Applies to 6.18+

Basic Exploring in Looker

Learn the basics of exploring in Looker.

Asking Questions with Dimensions & Measures
Applies to 5.24+
Sorting and Column Totals
Applies to 4.8+
Column Totals
Applies to 5.12+
Pivoting and Row Totals
Applies to 4.8+
Drilling Into Your Data
Applies to 4.8+
Bucketing Users with Tiers
Applies to 5.8+

Filtering and Limiting Data

Learn how to filter and limit data while exploring in Looker.

Filtering Overview
Applies to 4.20+
Advanced Matches Filters
Applies to 4.20+
Custom Filters
Applies to 4.20+
Limiting Data
Applies to 4.20+

Advanced Exploring in Looker

Learn some more advanced skills for exploring in Looker.

Merged Results
Applies to 5.18+
Multiple Y-Axes
Applies to 4.20+
Intro to Table Calculations
Applies to 4.16+
Table Calculations and Visualizations
Applies to 4.16+
Custom Fields
Applies to 5.18+

Creating Saved Reports (Looks)

Learn how to create saved reports (Looks).

Saving and Editing Reports (Looks)
Applies to 5.24+

Creating Dashboards

Learn how to create dashboards.

Creating a Blank Dashboard and Adding Tiles
Applies to 5.6+
Creating a Dashboard from an Explore
Applies to 5.6+
Creating a Dashboard from a Look
Applies to 5.6+

Editing Dashboards

Learn how to edit dashboards and configure dashboard filters.

Making Lasting Dashboard Changes
Applies to 5.18+
Configuring Dashboard Filters
Applies to 5.18+
Setting Up Faceted Dashboard Filters
Applies to 5.20+