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Video Tutorial Overview

Looker provides video tutorials for both new and experienced users. These videos are kept up-to-date with each Looker release.

Some videos, as labeled below, also appear in our free eLearning Business User Training that gives you hands-on practice in Looker. Be sure to turn on your computer’s audio when using the course.

The following is a recommended sequence for new users. Click the name to open the video in a new tab. If you prefer to watch the video on this page, use the “On this Page” table of contents to navigate to that video.

First, the basics:

Getting to Looker (in eLearning)
Introduction to Spaces (in eLearning)
Viewing Looks
Viewing Dashboards
Making Temporary Dashboard Changes

Once users have watched these introductory videos, they might be interested in scheduling. The scheduling videos assume you watch them in this order:

Scheduling Looks
Scheduling Dashboards
Setting up Alerts

You can learn to ask your own questions about your data by watching the following videos next:

Asking Questions with Dimensions and Measures (in eLearning)
Drilling Into Your Data
Pivoting and Row Totals
Sorting and Column Totals
Merged Results - new in Looker 5.0 as an experimental labs feature

To learn how to limit your results to only some of the data, the following videos discuss filtering for certain kinds of data or limiting the total number of rows or pivot columns:

Filtering Overview (in eLearning)
Advanced Matches Filters
Custom Filters
Limiting Data

To learn how to create formulas using your own business logic, the following videos cover table calculations:

Table Calculations
Table Calculations and Visualizations

To learn how to use create multiple y-axes in visualizations, see this video:

Using Multiple Y-axes

For Looker developers and admins, these videos are also available:

Development Mode
Admins & Development Mode
Connecting to a Database
Creating and Configuring a New Project

Browsing Saved Content

Starting With Looker

Getting to Looker (4.12+)

Introduction to Spaces (4.16+)

Viewing Looks (4.18+)

Viewing Dashboards (5.4+)

Temporary Dashboard Changes (5.4+)


Scheduling Dashboards (4.8+)

Scheduling Looks (4.8+)

Setting Up Alerts (4.8+)

Exploring Your Data

Basics of Exploring

Asking Questions with Dimensions and Measures (4.8+)

Sorting and Column Totals (4.8+)

Pivoting and Drilling

Pivoting and Row Totals (4.8+)

Drilling Into Your Data (4.8+)

Filtering and Limiting

Filtering Overview (4.20+)

Advanced Matches Filters (4.20+)

Custom Filters (4.20+)

Limiting Data (4.20+)

Merging Results from Different Explores

Merged Results (5.0+)

Table Calculations

Intro to Table Calculations (4.16+)

Table Calculations and Visualizations (4.16+)

Visualizations and Graphs

Multiple Y-Axes (4.20+)

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