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Data Modeling Videos

We have a several Looker development videos on this page and will have more soon. To watch videos on using Looker, check out our Video Tutorials for Browsing and Exploring Data page. All of these videos are kept up-to-date with each Looker release.

The Everyday Development Process

If you have a project already set up in Looker, check out these videos about the standard development process in Looker.

Using Development Mode (4.12+)

Admins & Development Mode (4.12+)

Creating an Explore, View, and Fields (5.10+)

Setting Up a Connection

This video describes how to set up a connection to your database from Looker.

Connecting to a Database (5.2+)

Setting Up a Project

The videos in this section describe how to set up a project in Looker, including version control for the project. Creating a connection for the project is discussed in the Connecting to a Database section on this page.

Creating and Configuring a New Project (5.4+)

Configuring Version Control (5.8+)