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Developer Video Tutorials

This page provides Looker developer tutorials. These videos are kept up-to-date with the most recent Looker release.

For business user tutorials see our Business User Video Tutorials page.

Developing in Looker

Learn about Looker’s Development Mode.

Intro to LookML
Applies to 6.8+
Development Mode
Applies to 4.12+
Admins & Development Mode
Applies to 4.12+

Development Process

Learn about the process of setting up a LookML project and some basics about developing in LookML.

Connecting to a Database
Applies to 5.2+
Creating and Configuring a New Project
Applies to 5.4+
Configuring Version Control
Applies to 5.8+
Creating an Explore, View, and Fields
Applies to 5.10+
Adding Joins and Views
Applies to 5.12+
Adding Fields Using the LookML Editor
Applies to 5.12+