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What's New for Browsing and Exploring

We roll out new cool features every month. Come to this page to see the list of changes for the Browse and Explore sections of Looker.

Looker admins and developers should also view our official release notes page.

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Looker 5.22

Notable Features

Merged Results Improvements

Looker users now experience even more front-end flexibility with merged results on experimental custom fields. Merged results are also now available in embedded iframes for Powered By Looker users.

Features by Section

Dashboards and Visualizations

Looker 5.20

Looker 5.20 focused on technical improvements that are not directly visible to business users.

Looker 5.18

Notable Features

Password Configuration Options

It is now possible for your Looker admin to specify a minimum password length, require special characters, and require locally-configured users to reset old, less-secure passwords.

Features by Section

User Accounts

Dashboards and Visualizations

Looker 5.16

Features by Section

Integrated Services

Scheduling and Downloading


Content Management and Discoverability

Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore

Looker 5.14

Notable Features

Data Privacy and Compliance Features

In Looker 5.14 we’re changing the way we handle privacy with a new suite of features designed to protect our users’ data and to make it easy for you to do the same. Email subscriptions are now managed in the Preference Center rather than on users’ Account page. Also, your Looker Admin may have Looker show you a “Cookie Notification Banner” to comply with new EU GDPR requirements.

New and Improved Scheduling

We’re introducing a brand-new scheduling window designed to make scheduling your Looker content even easier and more intuitive than before! Basic, common settings are presented in an image-rich format for quick navigation, while more advanced settings are now hidden in a special advanced settings menu geared toward administrators and technical users.

Experimental Custom Fields

Create dimensions and measures in real time with Looker’s new experimental Custom Fields Labs feature. Designed to be a solution for non-developers who need a new field fast, Custom Fields use table calculation syntax to create fields that are groupable, sortable, and pivotable for even easier deep data dives. Your Looker admin might enable this feature and give you access. Since it is an experimental feature, the Custom Fields feature may be changed or removed from the product in the future. See more information on this page.

Features by Section


Dashboards, Visualizations, and Exploration

Scheduling and Downloading

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes