Personalizing Your User Account

You can click the user profile picture to see a User menu:

Depending on your permissions in Looker, the User menu can include the following options:

Specifying User Account Settings

The Account page lets you configure some of your Looker user account settings. You can access it from the User menu:

Profile Section

The top section of the Account page contains information about your Looker profile and contains the following options:

Profile Picture: Use the Gravatar app to select or create an avatar for your account.

First Name: Enter your first name.

Last Name: Enter your last name.

Email: Displays the email address associated with your Looker account.

Password: Click the Change Password button to set a new password.

Time Zone: Select the default time zone for your queries.

Development Mode: Select the Git branch you will use for LookML development. This field defaults to the branch created when your account was created, but you can select other branches.

Text Editor Mode: Select the style of text editor for the LookML IDE. You can choose from Looker’s default text editor style, a Vim text editor, or an Emacs text editor.

You can also choose whether to subscribe to Looker news, tips, and event announcements and whether to subscribe to Looker product updates by checking one or both checkboxes at the bottom of the section.

Additional Details

The Additional Details section displays the values of user attributes configured for your Looker account. It shows a list of your user attributes followed by the value assigned to each user attribute. If your Looker admin has set any of the user attributes to Hidden, you will not be able to see that user attribute’s value, instead the value is indicated by a series of asterisks.

The Custom Value column indicates whether the user attribute value is a custom value. A custom value is a value that is assigned to your user account individually, instead of a value that your account inherited from a group. If the Custom Value toggle next to a user attribute is set to ON, that user attribute has a custom value.

You may be able to edit some user attributes, depending on how your Looker admin has configured your account. If the Custom Value toggle next to a user attribute is enabled, you can edit the value. Set the Custom Value toggle to ON and enter the value you want. If the Custom Value toggle is disabled, you cannot change the value of that user attribute.

Saving Changes

After making changes to any of the options on this page, click the Save button to save your changes.