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Once you’re viewing the data you’re interested in, you may want to share it. You could be browsing the data in a Look or dashboard, or perhaps you’ve been exploring data.

Methods of Sharing

There are two basic ways to share data with other Looker users. You can share the URL or use Looker’s share option, which are both described below.

Keep in mind that when you share data with someone you are sharing the query, not the actual data. This means that the data could change between the time you pull a report and the time your colleague pulls a report. For example, if you set up a report to look at “today”, the data might change each day as new results become available.

If you want to schedule this data to be sent automatically to you, other people, or applications, check out the Scheduling Data Deliveries page, later in this tutorial.

If you need to share data with someone who does not have access to Looker, check out Downloading Looks later in this tutorial. You can also publish Looks with public URLs, or embed Looks and dashboards, typically into webpages.

Share the Browser URL

After you’ve run a query, and possibly set up a visualization, your browser’s URL contains everything you need to share your work. If you copy the URL and share it with another Looker user, they will arrive at the same report and graph.

Use Looker’s Share Option

Sometimes it is easier to share a shorter URL when you want to direct a colleague to your report. To do so, click the gear dropdown near the upper right of the page and select Share.

Most of the time you will want to use the Short URL option, which you can copy and share in email, chat, etc, with other Looker users.

There is also an Expanded URL option. This can be useful for developers who want to modify a parameterized URL. This is often useful in a custom LookML field or external tool.

In either case, please keep in mind that these short links never expire and can’t be revoked. However, since someone must be an active Looker user to access the link, and could re-create the underlying report anyway, this should not cause a security concern.


Looker lets you share your queries and visualizations very quickly with other team members, simply by sharing URLs. Next, learn how to download data from Looker.

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