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Sharing Data

Once you’re viewing the data you’re interested in, you may want to share it. You could be browsing the data in a Look or dashboard, or perhaps you’ve been exploring data.

Methods of Sharing

There are several ways to share Looker data. The easiest way is to share the URL so that other Looker users can themselves open the query, dashboard, or Look. See Share the URL below for more information.

To send data from Looker to other destinations, you have several options:

Share the URL

After you’ve run a query, and possibly set up a visualization, you can share the query’s URL with another Looker user. They will arrive at the same report and visualization.

When sharing URLs, keep in mind:

Browser URL

The easiest way to share a URL is to simply copy the URL from your browser and share it with another Looker user:

Short URL

Sometimes it is easier to share a shorter URL when you want to direct a colleague to your report. To do so, click the gear drop-down near the upper right of the page, select Share, then copy the Short URL:

Expanded URL

The Share URLs window also provides the Expanded URL option. The expanded URL shows all of the details for the query, including fields and filters. This information can be useful for developers who want to modify a parameterized URL. This is often useful in a custom LookML field or external tool.

Send Content Now

You can immediately send data directly from a Look, dashboard, or from an on-the-fly query in an Explore. This lets you send data right away, without setting up a schedule. In the case of an Explore, you can send a query immediately using all the destination and formatting options, without having to save the query to a dashboard or a Look.

For detailed instructions about the Send option, see Sending Data Now.


Looker lets you share your queries and visualizations very quickly with other team members, simply by sharing URLs. Next, learn how to download data from Looker.