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Getting Started Browsing Data

Looker gives you access to your organization’s data. Many users start by browsing through the reports - which we call “Looks” - and dashboards that others in their organization have already created. This page will show you how to get started browsing.

Where To Start?

Your organization’s Looker admin probably sent you a Welcome to Looker email. Use the link in that email to finish registering your Looker account. If you like, you can check out this video about getting to Looker for the first time.

Please note that the menu items you see depend on the permissions that have been assigned to you. Business users often have the Browse, Explore, and Help menus. Technical users might also have the Develop and Admin menus.

The Basics

To get started browsing, follow these steps:

  1. Select Browse.
  2. Select Popular to browse the most visited content.
  3. Select Favorites to browse Looks or Dashboards that you have marked as a favorite.
  4. Select Recently Viewed to browse the most recently viewed content.
  5. Select the main Space (folder) that includes content you want to browse:
    • Shared is a Space for saved content that is organized by topic or group, not associated with a particular user. To see this Space, you must have been assigned access to view it.
    • <Your name> is a personal folder for your own saved content. You can assign access to your personal Space.
    • LookML Dashboards is a Space that exists if your organization creates dashboards using LookML code. To see this Space, you must have permission to see LookML dashboards.
    • Users is a Space which contains spaces for other users’ personal spaces.
  6. Navigate within the Space, as needed, as some spaces contain other spaces.
  7. Click on a dashboard name to view that dashboard, or click its gear to perform actions on that dashboard.
  8. Click on a Look name to view its saved query, or click its gear to perform actions on that Look.

Suggested Learning Path

Learning Basic Browse Skills

The following pages help you start sharing, downloading, or scheduling saved content:

Learning Advanced Browse Skills

Once you have the basics down you may be interested in the following advanced browsing skills:

Combining Browse and Explore Skills

Once you know how to browse and share other people’s work you can learn how to start answering your own questions. Consider reading the exploring tutorial to learn how to build your own reports and graphs.

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