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Recommended Java Memory Settings

The memory allocated to the Looker application is specified in the Looker startup script. This script is named looker and it must be in the same directory as looker.jar. The directory is generally /home/looker/looker.

The startup script automatically determines how much java memory to allocate to Looker. However, if you would like to customize this value manually, you can follow these instructions.

Changing Looker’s Memory Allocation

To change the memory allocated to Looker, edit this line in the startup script:


Then, restart the application:

./looker restart

For smaller instances dedicated to Looker, the memory allocated should be approximately two thirds of the available memory. On larger instances this ratio can be increased.

If too much memory is allocated:

If too little memory is allocated:

EC2 Instance Types

The following table lists the recommended memory settings for a number of common Amazon EC2 instance types:

Instance Type Total Sytem Memory JAVAMEM
m1.small 1700m 1200m
m1.medium 3750m 2300m
m1.large 7500m 4800m
m3.medium 3750m 2300m
m3.large 7500m 4800m
m3.xlarge 15000m 11000m
m3.2xlarge 30000m 26000m