Restoring Backups

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If you’d like to learn about creating Looker backups, checkout our Creating Backups page.

To restore Looker to a new host complete only these steps of the the Looker installation instructions:

  • Verify that the new server complies with the minimum server specifications
  • Enable ntpd or chronyd
  • Create the looker user, group, and home directory
  • Skip downloading the Looker application and all remaining installation steps

Once the new host is prepared:

  • Restore the files from backup
  • Start Looker:

    sudo su - looker
    cd looker
    ./looker start

Clustered Environments

To restore the MySQL database for a clustered environment:

  • Stop any running Lookers in the cluster
  • Restore the database
  • Start the Looker instances one at a time

See the MySQL documentation for more details on how to restore MySQL databases.

Restoring Amazon S3 Backups

Looker encrypts backups before uploading them to S3. If you need to restore a backup from S3, please contact Looker support.

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