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Database Configuration

Before you create a connection to Vertica, create a new database user and schema that is exclusive for your Looker applications. The Looker user needs read and write permissions into a separate schema to store PDTs and read-only privileges to other schemas in the Vertica database. This is optional but recommended.

The following is an example of creating a user and schema for Looker:

CREATE USER looker Identified BY 'mypassword'; CREATE SCHEMA looker_scratch; GRANT CREATE ON SCHEMA looker_scratch to looker;

Create a Connection to Vertica

In Looker, configure a database connection via the interface. From the Admin section, select Connections then New Connection. More information is on the Connecting Looker to Your Database documentation page.

Enter the connection information in the required fields:

Click on Test These Settings to verify the connection to Vertica is successful. The Testing Database Connectivity documentation page has troubleshooting information.

Click Update Connection to save the connection.

Feature Support

Looker’s ability to provide some features depends on whether the database dialect can support them.

In the current Looker release, Vertica 6 supports the following Looker features:

In the current Looker release, Vertica 7.1+ supports the following Looker features:

Next Steps

After completing the database connection, configure authentication options.