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Qubole Presto

Version Support

Presto v0.157 and later versions are currently available and well supported.

Qubole Cluster Presto Settings

The following Presto settings should be configured in the Qubole cluster settings:

catalog/ hive.metastore-cache-ttl = 0s hive.metastore-refresh-interval = 5s hive.allow-rename-table=true hive.allow-drop-table=true hive.parquet.use-column-names=true

Looker Setup

In the Admin section of Looker, navigate to the Connections page and click New Connection. Looker displays this page:

Fill out the page as follows:

For more information about connection settings, see the Connecting Looker to Your Database documentation page.

Attaching to an Alternate Service Endpoint

By default, the Qubole connections are made to Qubole operates some additional endpoints such as If you need to connect to a cluster hosted on an alternate endpoint, you can specify it in the Additional Params field of the Connection Settings screen. Use the parameter endpoint=url_of_alternate_endpoint to specify it.

For example:

Feature Support

Looker’s ability to provide some features depends on whether the database dialect can support them.

In the current Looker release, Qubole Presto v0.157+ supports the following Looker features:

Next Steps

After you have connected your database to Looker, you’re ready to configure sign-in options for your users.