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Google Cloud SQL

Users and Security

Create a database user that can connect Cloud SQL to Looker. In the following commands, change some_password_here to a unique, secure password, and grant SELECT privileges to the database you want Looker to query:

CREATE USER looker; SET PASSWORD FOR looker = PASSWORD ('some_password_here'); GRANT SELECT ON database_name.* TO looker;

Connect the Database

In the Admin section of Looker, navigate to the Connections page and click New Connection. Looker displays this page:

Fill in the following fields:

PDT Support

Google Cloud SQL does not support CREATE TABLE AS SELECT statements, so you must use the create_process LookML parameter to define PDTs.

Feature Support

Looker’s ability to provide some features depends on whether the database dialect can support them.

In the current Looker release, Google Cloud SQL supports the following Looker features:

Next Steps

Once you are finished creating your database connection, you can proceed to setting authentication options.