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Encrypting Network Traffic

Looker strongly recommends encrypting network traffic between the Looker application and your database. Consider one of the options described on this documentation page on enabling secure database access.

If you’re interested in using SSL encryption, see the Denodo documentation.

Configuring Denodo for Looker

Preparing Denodo for Looker requires just a couple steps:

Import a Custom Function

To support Symmetric Aggregates, connecting to Denodo requires importing a custom function.

Download our custom DT-Looker-Utils.vql.

Import this function using the Import option in the File menu of the Denodo Administration Tool.

Grant the Database User Appropriate Permissions

Looker will require SELECT access to any tables or databases you would like to query within Looker. Ensure the database user with which you are connecting to Looker can access these tables.

Feature Support

Looker’s ability to provide some features depends on whether the database dialect can support them.

In the current Looker release, Denodo supports the following Looker features:

In the current Looker release, Denodo 7+ supports the following Looker features:

Next Steps

After completing the database configuration, you can connect to the database from Looker using these directions.