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Database Configuration Instructions

This page provides links for configuring your database to work with Looker. You’ll create a Looker database user and assign the appropriate permissions. In many cases, you’ll also configure a Looker temp database to provide derived table functionality.

Setting Up Your Database

Instructions are available in the documentation or in the Community Forums for these SQL dialects:

In the current Looker release, Looker also supports at least the following dialects. Looker regularly adds additional dialect support, and this list may not contain every option. Contact your Looker Analyst for assistance.

  • Aster Data
  • DataVirtuality
  • Exasol
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Netezza
  • Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL
  • Oracle ADW
  • XtremeData

You can learn more about the levels of database dialect support in this Community topic.

The drivers for DataVirtuality and Teradata are not bundled with the Looker .jar file. For on-premise installations of Looker, you must configure the driver for Teradata or DataVirtuality.

Next Step

After you have configured your database to work with Looker you’re ready to connect Looker to your database.