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Looker dialects

Looker supports a wide range of SQL database dialects and will continue to improve the feature implementations for existing dialect options as well as add new dialects. Because our modeling layer, LookML, builds on top of the in-database features available, some dialects allow for a more powerful implementation than others.

Support levels

Looker has two support levels for dialects. The levels are based on a dialect’s native feature set and the level of demand by Looker users:

For the dialects whose value of JDBC Driver Installed? is No, the needed JDBC JAR file is not bundled with the Looker JAR files. For customer-hosted installations of Looker, you must configure the driver for use with Looker as described on the Unpackaged JDBC drivers documentation page.

Database configuration instructions

Instructions are available in the documentation or in the Community Forums for these SQL dialects:

In the current Looker release, Looker also connects with the following dialects. Contact your Looker analyst for assistance.

  • IBM Netezza

Next steps

After you have configured your database to work with Looker you’re ready to connect Looker to your database.