Connecting Looker to Your Database

To connect Looker to your database (which should have been secured and configured for Looker) select AdminConnectionsNew Database Connection to start the process:

Enter your database credentials on the connection form. If you need more specifics, you can read more about creating a Looker connection on our Connections docs page.

Once you’ve entered the credentials, click on Test Connection to verify the information is correct and the database is able to connect.

A successful connection will show messages confirming the database connection as well as additional functionality required by Looker.

In order to receive successful connection messages regarding the temp schema and persistent derived tables, you will have needed to allow that functionality when you setup your Looker database. Instructions for doing so are found here.

If any of the tests do not pass, try some of the troubleshooting steps on the Testing Database Connectivity page. If you are still having trouble contact Looker support for assistance.

Next Step

After you have connected your database to Looker you’re ready to configure sign-in options for your users.