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Preparing for Releases

  • In the release notes, items marked with a indicate changes to existing functionality that may require your attention as you upgrade.

  • Items marked with a indicate a Looker Labs feature that must be enabled by an admin on the Labs page.

  • We occasionally retire features. You can plan for this with the Legacy Features End-of-life Schedule.

Release 5.2 2017-11-05

This release is currently rolling out. For more information, see this article.

Release 5.0 2017-10-08

LookML and Development

  • LookML Collaboration. Added the ability to create development branches that are not specifically tied to any individual’s development mode. Use these branches to work with others on a project or to separate discrete pieces of work you have in progress. Learn more.
  • Reference pivot values in Liquid. You can now reference the {{ value }} of a pivot value without it being the one you’re actively clicking on.
  • Timezone support for Native Derived Tables. Use the timezone explore_source parameter to convert to a consistent timezone or, for ephemeral derived tables, to the timezone your query is in.
  • Native Derived Tables are no longer a Labs feature.

Content Management and Discoverability

  • Lookless dashboards are out of beta. Add tiles to your dashboards either by creating the query directly on a dashboard or saving from an exploration.
  • [ Labs] Landing Pages. Introduced a new, experimental home page that will surface Favorite and Suggested content as soon as you log in. Learn more.

Scheduling and Downloading

  • Increased allowable schedule size. Attachment-only formats (currently txt, csv, html, md, and json) support scheduling without any row limit applied. Keep in mind, though, that emails of more than 7.5mb may be returned to the sender.


  • Druid. Introduced initial support for Druid. Learn more.
  • Google BigQuery Legacy SQL. Updated the name from “Google BigQuery” to “Google BigQuery Legacy SQL” in the connection panel, SQL Runner, and other locations where the dialect name is displayed.

Platform and Administration

  • Disabled and removed a number of Legacy Features. Learn more.


  • Better protected against certain authentication replay attacks.
  • Addressed a file disclosure vulnerability.
  • Addressed a file system vulnerability.
  • Identified and addressed a logging issue.

Dashboards and Visualizations

General Tweaks

  • LookML and development. Improved the error message when Liquid references were not properly scoped in Derived Tables.
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