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Looker 21 Release Highlights

Looker 21.0

January 20th
Final Deployment and
Download Available
January 31st

Potentially Breaking Changes

Check out these potentially breaking changes introduced in Looker 21.0. Depending on which features or configurations you have implemented, all, some, or none of these changes may apply to your instance.
  • Looker’s managed database service feature is disabled for all Looker versions on 21.0 and higher. To have the feature enabled, contact your Looker representative. The service will be deprecated entirely in Looker 21.12 (July 2021).
  • The Year to Date control option on the timeframes filter has been temporarily removed.
  • The ability to join to the sessions table has been removed from drill queries on tiles in the User Activity dashboard under the System Activity section of the Admin panel.
  • The Overflow option in the Location drop-down has been removed from the Edit Filter modal. Filters can be moved into overflow by dragging and dropping.
  • The Cross-filtering feature is now generally available and needs to be enabled on each dashboard.
  • When fields are cleared from an Explore query, custom fields will be deselected instead of removed.
  • The Explore field picker will default to the All Fields tab instead of the In Use tab when an existing query is open.
  • If the New Query Streaming experimental Labs feature is enabled and the query is streamable, the scheduler will use the new query streaming feature.
  • The Revert to Legacy Dashboards legacy feature is disabled by default in 21.0.
  • The api_server_url has been added to the /versions endpoints for the Looker API server. The https://my.looker.com/versions endpoint no longer requires authentication.

Looker Components Updates

Developers can now preview themes, search for components, and see the prop tables for components.
  • Developers can preview their theme across all component examples on the Looker Components site. The theme picker interface allows developers to set key, background, and text color, as well as intents and font values.
  • Developers can now search the Looker Components documentation. The search index also parses page content and page titles.
  • Properties for certain components are available in prop tables. Prop tables are auto-generated from the components interface and are always up to date with the latest release.

Cross-Filtering General Availability

Cross-filtering is out of Labs and generally available.
  • Cross-filtering is no longer available as a beta Labs feature.
  • Cross-filtering can be enabled on a per-dashboard basis.
  • More visualization types are now supported — Trellis Chart, Funnel Chart, Timeline Chart and Waterfall Chart, as well as custom visualizations.

New Visualizations and Blocks

New visualizations and Looker Blocks are available in the Looker Marketplace.
  • The Google Chronicle Security Block is now available to enable you to gain more insights from your Chronicle data.
  • Users can now add comments to individual fields in the Looker Data Dictionary.
  • A new Histogram Visualization is now available.