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Looker 7 Release Highlights


January 10th
Final Release and
Download Available
January 23rd


Marketplace (beta) Labs feature is enabled by default.
  • Ensures that users can easily discover relevant and helpful marketplace choices. Learn more.
  • Enables Looker users to discover, install, and uninstall content like blocks, applications, and custom visualizations. This initial release of the marketplace is publishing the following:
    • Sales Application
    • 23 Looker Blocks
    • 12 custom visualizations

IDE Improvements

Introducing bulk edits for files and folders in the IDE as well as improvements to the IDE UI.
  • Ability to perform bulk move and delete actions on folders and files.
  • Ability to use Shift + click as a shortcut to select a range of folders or files within the IDE sidebar.
  • Ability to move a file to a collapsed folder.
  • Ability to expand a folder after hovering a file over the folder.
  • Ability to Create a View from Table within a folder.
  • Ability to collapse the IDE sidebar.
  • The classic IDE is still available as a legacy feature called IDE Folders Toggle. View the Legacy Features End-of-Life Schedule.
  • Ability to see imported project files natively in the IDE, organized into a folder called imported_projects in the IDE sidebar.

Enhanced PDT Rebuilds

Use the power of the LookML model outside of Looker.
  • For every rebuild of a PDT, the given table name will now be unique. This will yield increased stability and faster rebuilds for certain dialects.
  • Stable, statically named view tables can now be generated on top of PDTs. A stable database view will only be published for its underlying PDT when that PDT gets rebuilt. By having a static, friendly name, the view table allows you to consistently access a PDT via SQL on the source database. This feature provides users with the ability to hook up other analytics or data science tools to Looker-governed data. Learn more about stable view tables.

System Activity Dashboard Enhancements

System Activity dashboards can be enabled through a beta Looker Labs feature: System Activity Model.
  • Improved and reorganized dashboards in a logical and actionable way to provide users with more efficient monitoring of the Looker instance. Learn more about System Activity dashboards.
  • Use the Errors and Broken Content dashboard to stay on top of all the things that need your attention for quick remediation.
  • Visualize potential performance issues via the new scheduler heatmap and avoid bottlenecks.
  • These are the titles of the available dashboards:
    • User Activity
    • Content Activity
    • Performance Audit 1
    • Performance Audit 2
    • Errors and Broken Content

Board Descriptions

To provide more context to users viewing boards, the feature now includes descriptions for each section.

Learn more about how boards can help your organization.