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suggestions (for Views)

This page refers to the suggestions parameter that is part of a view.

suggestions can also be used as part of a dimension or filter field as described on this documentation page.


view: view_name {
  suggestions: yes



Default Value



A Boolean (yes or no)


suggestions lets you disable suggestions for all the type: string dimensions of a view when someone uses one of those dimensions to filter a report. The default value of suggestions is yes, and suggestions are provided to the user for all type: string dimensions when possible. If you set suggestions to no instead, suggestions will not be made. Filter suggestions only work with type: string dimensions, so suggestions works only with type: string dimensions.


Disable suggestions for all type: string dimensions in the customer view:

view: customer { suggestions: no }

Things to Know

suggestions at the View Level Works Differently Than suggestions at the Dimension Level

The suggestions parameter described on this page is applied to a view and works differently than the suggestions parameter applied to a dimension. When applied at the dimension level, suggestions lets you hardcode a list of suggestions for that dimension.

You can also simply enable or disable suggestions for a specific dimension by using the suggestable parameter.