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Project Manifest Parameters

The project manifest file has two functions:

This page links to the project manifest-level LookML parameters.

Example Usage

Hover over a parameter name to see a quick description; click it to jump to that page.
When a parameter can be set to one of several specific options, the default value is listed first.

project_name: "Current Project Name"
local_dependency: {
  project: "project_name"

# Possibly more local_dependency statements

remote_dependency: remote_project_name {
  url: "remote_project_url"
  ref: "remote_project_ref"
# Possibly more remote_dependency statements

constant: constant_name {
  value: "string value"
# Possibly more constant statements

localization_settings: {
  localization_level: strict | permissive
  default_locale: locale_name

Parameter Definitions

Parameter Name Description
Structural Parameters
project_name Specify the name of the current project.
local_dependency Specify that this project depends on another project.
project Specify a project that contains files that you want to include.
remote_dependency ADDED5.18 Specify one or more remote projects that contain files that you want to include. This parameter has url and ref subparameters.
constant ADDED6.12 Define a LookML constant that can be used throughout your project. This parameter has the subparameter value.
Localization Parameters
localization_settings ADDED6.2 Specify the localization information for your model. This parameter has default_locale and localization_level subparameters.
localization_level ADDED6.2 Specify whether strings with no translation are allowed in your model.
default_locale ADDED6.2 Specify the locale that will be used as your model’s default for translating strings.