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Project Manifest Parameters

Project manifest files let you import files from other projects into the current project. Use the project manifest file to list the names of any other projects you want to include files from. This page links to the project manifest-level LookML parameters.

The Project Import feature is an experimental Labs feature and must be enabled on the Labs page in the Admin section of Looker. Experimental features are not fully developed and may be significantly changed or completely removed.

Example Usage

Hover over a parameter name to see a quick description; click it to jump to that page.
When a parameter can be set to one of several specific options, the default value is listed first.

project_name: "Current Project Name"
local_dependency: {
  project: "project_name"

# Possibly more local_dependency statements

remote_dependency: remote_project_name {
  url: "remote_project_url"
  ref: "remote_project_ref"
# Possibly more remote_dependency statements

Parameter Definitions

Parameter Name Description
Structural Parameters
project_name Specify the name of the current project.
local_dependency Specify that this project depends on another project.
project Specify a project that contains files that you want to include.
remote_dependency ADDED5.18 Specify one or more remote projects that contain files that you want to include.