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group_label (for Fields)

This page refers to the group_label parameter that is part of a field.

group_label can also be used as part of an Explore, described on this documentation page.


view: view_name {
  dimension: field_name {
    group_label: "desired label name"



Possible Field Types

Dimension, Dimension Group, Filter, Measure


A string


The group_label parameter enable you to combine fields into custom groups, within a given view, in the field picker. Consider this example:

view: accounts { dimension: shipping_city { sql: ${TABLE}.shipping_city ;; group_label: "Shipping Info" } dimension: shipping_state { sql: ${TABLE}.shipping_state ;; group_label: "Shipping Info" } dimension: shipping_street { sql: ${TABLE}.shipping_street ;; group_label: "Shipping Info" } }

If you did this, instead of the fields appearing un-grouped, they would be combined into an expandable Shipping Info section:

Additionally, you can use the group_item_label to specify how fields are displayed in the field picker under a group label. See the group_item_label documentation page for details.

group_label also interacts with dimension groups in useful ways, since a dimension_group automatically places its fields together in the field picker. By using group_label, you can add additional fields into the dimension group. For example:

view: accounts { dimension_group: created { type: time timeframes: [date, week, month] sql: ${TABLE}.created_date ;; } dimension: special_date_calculation { sql: QUARTER(${TABLE}.created_date) group_label: "Created Date" ;; } }

This would look like:

Please keep in mind that you can’t group dimensions and measures together in the same group_label. Within any given view all dimensions always appear above all measures.