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Viewing Embedded Looks & Dashboards

With Powered by Looker (PBL), Looker’s embedded analytics functionality, Looker developers can display Looks and dashboards in any HTML-formatted webpage, portal, or application. You might encounter this embedded content on a publicly accessible website or behind a login.

Depending on the permissions your Looker admin has assigned, an embedded Look or dashboard may have options that let you interact with your data in various ways. These options are:

  1. The time zone drop-down lets you change the time zone in which you view time-based data.
  2. The gear menu shows options that let you do things such as send or schedule a delivery of your data, download your data, edit the Look or dashboard, or use your Look or dashboard as a starting point to further explore your data.
  3. The folders menu lists the folders where you can view and save Looks, and view and create dashboards.
  4. On dashboards, the three-dot icon in the corner of each tile lets you interact with the data specific to that tile, so you can further explore the tile’s data, download the tile’s data, or, in some cases, view the Look that was the source of the tile.

Using Embedded Folders to Find Looks and Dashboards

In Looker, folders are used to store and organize your Looks and dashboards. If you see the folders menu ( ), you can click it to view any folders, along with the Looks and dashboards contained there, that you have permission to view.

When you click on the folders menu, you’ll see the folders that you have permission to view:

  1. The single-person icon denotes your personal folder, where you can store Looks or dashboards that only you can access.
  2. If your Looker admin has added you to a group of users, a two-person icon denotes your group folder. Here you can view and store Looks and dashboards that your entire group can access.
  3. The wireframe globe icon denotes the Shared folder. Looks and dashboards stored here are available to anyone who has access to the Shared folder.

To view any content, click the name of the Look or dashboard.

In addition to Looks and dashboards, in your folders you may see other folders called “subfolders”:

Click on a subfolder to navigate to it and view any content or additional subfolders stored there.

Interacting with an Embedded Look or Dashboard

The Look or dashboard gear menu and the three-dot icon on dashboard tiles provide you several options to modify and interact with your Look or dashboard. You may see all, some, or none of these options, depending on the permissions your Looker admin has assigned. These options are: