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SQL Runner Basics

SQL Runner provides a way to directly access your database and leverage that access in a variety of ways. Using SQL Runner, you can easily navigate the tables in your schema, use an on-the-fly Explore from a SQL query, run prewritten descriptive queries on your data, see your SQL Runner history, download results, share queries, add to a LookML Project as a derived table, and perform other useful tasks.

This page describes how to navigate to SQL Runner and shows which database dialects support SQL Runner features. See these other documentation pages for information on:

Navigating to SQL Runner

If you have the permissions to see LookML and to use SQL Runner, you can navigate to SQL Runner in two ways:

Supported Database Dialects for SQL Runner Features

Looker’s ability to provide SQL Runner features depends on the database dialect’s functionality. The following list shows which dialects support SQL Runner features in the most recent Looker release: