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LookML Project Files

A Looker project is a collection of LookML files that tell Looker how to connect to your database, how to query your data, and how to control the user interface’s behavior.

Accessing Project Files

To view LookML files for a project, click the Develop menu and choose the name of the project:

The projects you see in Develop menu depend on the following:

Project File Types

A LookML project can have the following types of files. All project files have extensions, although the extensions are hidden in the IDE list if your project isn’t enabled for folders in the IDE.

Click the links to get more information about the file types:

You can automatically generate a model file and view files based on your database when you create a new project. For existing projects, you can create new files manually by clicking the + icon at the top of the project file list in the Looker IDE, or you can use a folder’s menu to create the file inside the folder.

Navigating to Files

When you open a LookML project, the Looker IDE opens the project to one of the LookML files in that project:

To open a different project file, click on the filename in the side panel of the Looker IDE. If your project is enabled for folders in the IDE, LookML developers can customize the file organization to match your project. Here is an example project with folders for each file type:

If your project is not enabled for folders, the IDE organizes your files according to file type, like this:

You can show or hide the file navigation panel in the IDE using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B (Windows) or Command-B (Mac), or by clicking the arrow:

The navigation panel cannot be collapsed when the Project Settings page is displayed.

If your project has IDE folders enabled and your admin has enabled the Object Browser Labs feature, you can also use the object browser to view all the objects in your project or to navigate to the LookML for a specific object. To use the object browser, select the object browser icon below the folder icon in the Looker IDE:

For more information on the object browser, see the Navigating Projects with the Object Browser documentation page.