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Generating a Model

This page walks you through the steps to create a new project and automatically generate a basic model from your database.

There are other options for creating your project files: You can create a blank project and manually create its model, or you can clone an existing public Git repository. See the Managing Projects documentation page for more information on those options.

Before creating your project, click on Develop in the menu bar and verify that you are in Development Mode. Then select Manage LookML Projects from the Develop menu:

From the LookML Projects page you can generate your model and view project files based on the tables in your database. Here’s how:

  1. In the LookML Projects page, click the New LookML Project button.
  2. In the New Project pop-up window, give your project a name.
  3. For Starting Point, choose Generate Model from Database Schema.
  4. Select the name of your database connection from the Connection drop-down menu.
  5. Select the option to build views from All Tables or a Single Table:

    • All Tables: The LookML generator will create a view file for each table in your database.
    • Single Table: The LookML generator will create a view for one table in your database. If you choose this option, use the text field to enter the name of the database table.
  6. If you want to generate files for only one schema in your database, enter the name of the schema in the Schemas text field. You can list multiple schemas, separated by commas.

  7. If you want to leave table prefixes out of your view file names, enter your database’s prefixes in the Ignore Prefixes text field. This field is case sensitive. You can list multiple prefixes, separated by commas. For example, if your tables are titled dwh_orders and DBS_users, you could enter dwh, DBS in the Ignore Prefixes text field and Looker would create view files named orders and users.
  8. Click Create Project.

The LookML generator creates a model file, which includes a default datagroup, and view files for each table in the database (unless otherwise specified).

The generator will also create an Explore for each database table. To start querying your data, use the Explore menu to select the name of the Explore:

If you want to rename your project after you’ve created it, use the Project Settings documentation page (see the Renaming a Project section).

You can manually create additional new models for your project as described on the Understanding Model and View Files documentation page and then configure them for use in production as discussed on the Managing Projects documentation page, with further instructions later on the same page.

Once your model files are generated or manually created, see the Setting Up Version Control documentation page for information on connecting your Looker project to Git so that you can record changes to your LookML files and manage versions of your files.