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Generating a Model

This tutorial walks you through the steps to create a new project and automatically generate a basic model from your database. You can also manually create a new model for an existing project

Before attempting to generate a model, ensure that you are in development mode (the toggle is at the top of the Develop menu). Click on Develop in the menu bar, then Manage LookML Projects.

In the Manage LookML Projects page, click + New LookML Project (if you’d like more detail about the Manage LookML Projects page, check out our documentation here).

Select the database connection you are interested in. If you would like to generate LookML for every table in the database, accept the default values in the form. Otherwise, customize these values.

Now click Create Project. The generator creates a model file, which includes a default datagroup, and view files for each table in the database (unless otherwise specified).

The generator will also create an Explore for each database table. To start querying your data, first click Explore, then select the name of the Explore you would like to start your query from.

Afterwards, you can manually create additional new models for your project as described here and then configure them for use in production as discussed here, with step-by-step instructions later on the same page.

Once your model files are generated or manually created, see this page for information on connecting your Looker project to Git so that you can record changes to your LookML files and manage versions of your files.