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Converting from LookML to User-defined Dashboards

Looker offers the ability to copy a LookML dashboard into a Space as a user-defined dashboard. A user-defined dashboard is edited through the user interface instead of through LookML. The ability to edit the new user-defined dashboard depends on the user’s access settings for the Space. See Building Dashboards for more information.

Bulk Import

You can import one or more LookML dashboards into a Space as a user-defined dashboard via the Import button in the LookML Dashboards Space:

  1. From the Browse menu, select the LookML Dashboards Space.
  2. Select one or more dashboards to import to user-defined dashboards.
  3. Click Import.
  4. In the Import window, navigate to the Space for the new user-defined dashboard(s).
  5. Click OK.

Individual Import from Spaces

You can also import the dashboard to a Space by selecting the Import option from the dashboard’s three-dot menu in the LookML Dashboards Space:

Individual Import from the Dashboard

Alternatively, you can navigate to the LookML dashboard itself and use the Copy from LookML into a Space option from the dashboard’s gear menu to import the LookML dashboard into a user-defined dashboard.

Select the Space you would like to copy the dashboard into, then select either Copy & View or Copy.