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Converting from LookML to user-defined dashboards

If your admin has enabled the LookML Dashboard Organization Labs feature, then LookML dashboards can be moved to folders other than the LookML dashboards folder without being converted to user-defined dashboards.

Looker offers the ability to copy a LookML dashboard into a folder as a user-defined dashboard. A user-defined dashboard is edited through the user interface instead of through LookML. The ability to edit the new user-defined dashboard depends on the user’s access settings for the folder that contains the dashboard.

You can bulk import LookML dashboards into folders as user-defined dashboards, or you can import a single LookML dashboard from the LookML dashboard folder or while viewing the LookML dashboard.

Bulk import

You can import one or more LookML dashboards into a folder as a user-defined dashboard via the Import button in the LookML dashboards folder:

  1. Select All folders from the Browse menu or left sidebar, and open the LookML dashboards folder. If your admin has enabled the Enhanced Navigation Labs feature, you can access folders by expanding the list of folders in the Folders section of the new enhanced left navigation panel.

  2. In the LookML dashboards folder, select the checkboxes for any dashboards that you want to convert to user-defined dashboards.

  3. Select Import.

  4. In the Import Dashboards pop-up, choose a folder for the new user-defined dashboards.

  5. Select OK to import the dashboards into the selected folder.

Individual import from folders

You can import a single dashboard to a folder from the LookML dashboards folder:

You can then choose a folder for the new user-defined dashboard in the Import Dashboard pop-up.

Individual import from the dashboard

You can import a LookML dashboard into a folder as a user-defined dashboard from the dashboard itself:

  1. Select Copy LookML dashboard from the dashboard’s gear menu.
  2. Optionally, enter a new name for the dashboard in the Title section of the pop-up.
  3. Select the folder where you want to save the dashboard.
  4. If your LookML project has been localized, you will see an option to preserve the localization keys when you save the dashboard to a folder:
    • Do not select the option if you want to save the dashboard just as you see it. Localization keys will not be included in the saved copy of the dashboard. This is useful if you want the dashboard to be immediately presentable and you don’t plan to save the dashboard back to LookML. If you are not a Looker developer, you should choose this option.
    • Select the option if you want to preserve the localization keys so the dashboard can be converted back to a localized LookML dashboard in the future. Your localization keys will be displayed in the dashboard. This option is mostly for Looker developers who intend to edit the dashboard and then copy it back to LookML.
  5. Select Copy to copy the dashboard into the selected folder. Looker displays a pop-up confirming that the dashboard was successfully copied. You can use the links in the pop-up to navigate to the new user-defined dashboard or to the folder that contains it, or you can select Done to close the pop-up.