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Converting from LookML to User-defined Dashboards

Looker offers the ability to copy a LookML dashboard into a Space as a user-defined dashboard. A user-defined dashboard is edited through the user interface instead of through LookML. The ability to edit the new user-defined dashboard depends on the user’s access settings for the Space. See Building Dashboards for more information.

Bulk Import

You can import one or more LookML dashboards into a Space as a user-defined dashboard via the Import button in the LookML Dashboards Space:

  1. From the Browse menu, select the LookML Dashboards Space.
  2. Select one or more dashboards to import to user-defined dashboards.
  3. Click Import.
  4. In the Import window, navigate to the Space for the new user-defined dashboard(s).
  5. Click OK.

Individual Import from Spaces

You can also use the Import option in a dashboard’s gear menu to import the dashboard to a Space:

Individual Import from the Dashboard

Alternatively, you can navigate to the LookML dashboard itself and use the Copy from LookML into a Space… option from the dashboard’s gear menu to import the LookML dashboard into a user-defined dashboard.

  1. Click Browse.
  2. Click on the LookML Dashboards section.
  3. Open the dashboard you would like to copy from LookML.

From the dashboard, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, and select Copy from LookML into a Space….

Finally, select the Space you would like to copy the dashboard into, then select either Copy & View or Copy.