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Adding saved content to dashboards (legacy feature)

To add saved content (also known as Looks) to a dashboard, the Add Looks to dashboards legacy feature must be enabled by a Looker admin.

The Add Looks to dashboards legacy feature affects only Looker’s new dashboard experience. To learn how to add saved content (also known as Look-linked tiles) to legacy dashboards, see the Editing legacy dashboards documentation page. To determine which type of dashboard you are using, compare the screenshots on the Viewing dashboards and Viewing legacy dashboards documentation pages.

Saved content tiles are the same as Look-linked tiles, with the following difference:

As with Look-linked tiles, the query that underlies a saved content tile is linked to the saved content that the tile is based on. The saved content tile reflects any changes made to the underlying saved content. If the underlying saved content is deleted, the saved content tile shows an error.

Adding saved content tiles

To add a saved content tile to a dashboard, both the saved content and the dashboard must be in the same folder. If you want to add saved content from a different folder, first copy the saved content into the same folder as the dashboard.

To add a saved content tile to your dashboard:

  1. Enter edit mode on the dashboard.
  2. Click Add Tile at the top left of the dashboard pane. A drop-down menu appears.
  3. Click Saved content on the drop-down menu.

  4. A window appears showing all the saved content that is located in the same folder as the dashboard. If there are already saved content tiles or Look-linked tiles on the dashboard, the Looks associated with those tiles will already be selected in the window.

  5. Select the saved content for which you want to add tiles.

  6. Click the Add item button in the lower right of the window to add the tiles. The button text automatically updates with the number of tiles you will be adding. Click Cancel to cancel the addition.

For any new tile that is added to a dashboard, if the Look it was based on was created from the same Explore as a dashboard filter, the dashboard filter is automatically applied to that tile.

Once you’ve added a saved content tile to your dashboard, you can edit or delete it. The options available to saved content tiles are the same ones as available to Look-linked tiles.