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Managing Business User Features

Various documentation pages discuss the business user features for exploring data and for finding, viewing, organizing, sharing, sending, scheduling, and downloading content. Many of those features have Looker admin-specific or developer-specific functionality or must be enabled by a Looker developer. This page organizes all of those features into one page for easy access.

Under Construction: We are rolling out the first item of this page for a 5.14 change and will be expanding this page for additional topics soon.

Send and Share Content

This section includes sharing, downloading, scheduling, and sending data as well as public sharing, importing, and embedding.

Downloading Data

This section includes admin-specific or developer-specific functionality and tips for the business user downloading data feature.

Preventing Injection of Malicious Code into CSV Files

CSV files can contain macros that can run on Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Because of that, it is possible to inject malicious code into CSV files, making CSV files a possible security risk.

To remove this risk, Looker admins can request a license update that causes Looker to pad any value in a cell that could be executable code. When this is enabled, Looker will add a ' character to any cell value that begins with a special character (=, -, +, or @) when generating a CSV file. This disables all macros in Looker-generated CSV files.

Please contact your Account Manager or if you want to update your license for this feature.