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Supported User-Interface Languages

User-interface language is often selected in conjunction with model and number format localization. To learn more about those topics, visit the Localizing Your LookML Model and Localizing Number Formatting documentation pages.

Looker admins can set Looker to display certain user interface (UI) text in the following languages:

Language Locale Code and Strings Filename
English en
German de_DE
Spanish es_ES
French fr_FR
Italian it_IT
Japanese ja_JP
Korean ko_KR
Dutch nl_NL
Polish pl_PL
Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR
Portuguese pt_PT
Russian ru_RU
Swedish sv_SE
Turkish tr_TR
Simplified Chinese zh_CN
Traditional Chinese zh_TW

To display the Looker UI in specific languages for particular users, set the locale for users, user groups, or instances through one of the following methods:

For users with no Locale set, Looker uses the locale chosen on the Localization page of the Admin panel as the default locale, and if no locale is set there, Looker defaults to en.