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System Activity Pages

New in Looker 6.24, you can set alerts on System Activity dashboard tiles to be notified when thresholds are met or exceeded.

Before enabling System Activity on a customer-hosted Looker deployment with MySQL backend, verify that you have properly set up the user for the backend database. Specifically, you must perform the step to grant all on looker_tmp.* to '<DB_username>'@'%'; before enabling the System Activity feature. See the procedure on this documentation page.

The System Activity section of Looker’s Admin menu is a Labs feature that, when enabled, displays Looker-created dashboards showing usage and performance information about the Looker instance. You can download, schedule, and drill into metrics and elements just like on any other dashboard.

The dashboards are:

All three dashboards will display when the System Activity Model feature is enabled in Labs.

Chat Team Tip: Time-based data in System Activity is stored in the Looker System time zone. See the Using Time Zone Settings documentation page for more information.

User Activity Dashboard

The User Activity panel shows information about your users and their usage of Looker, including counts and percentages of users viewing data, time spent viewing queries, and counts and lists of the most active and inactive users:

Content Activity Dashboard

The Content Activity panel shows information about which dashboards, Looks, and Explores are being viewed and scheduled on your Looker instance:

Performance Audit Dashboard

The Performance Audit dashboard shows information about the performance of content and PDTs on your Looker instance, including the total and average run times of queries and PDTs, and lists and counts of query errors and PDT build failures: