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Looker can be customized to remove references to Looker and show your company’s branding. In the Looker Admin panel, the Whitelabel page lets you load custom logos and customize whether to show or hide certain links to Looker.

This topic explains how to enable whitelabeling and how to use the following sections on the Whitelabel admin page:

Enabling Whitelabel

The Whitelabel option must be enabled for your instance by Looker. Contact your Looker account manager for pricing and additional information.

Documentation Links

Documentation Links sets whether to show the following links to Looker’s documentation:

Email Subscription Options

Typically, there is a link on the Account page where a user can manage their email subscriptions. Your selection in Email Subscription Options determines whether or not that link is shown on the Account page.

Help Menu

Help Menu sets whether to show the Help menu on the main menu bar:

Custom Favicon

Turn this switch on to upload a custom favicon. Looker displays the favicon in browser tabs and windows:

After turning on the switch, Looker displays buttons to let you choose your favicon file and upload it. The favicon must be in an .ICO, .PNG, or .GIF file format, and must be a size of 16x16 pixels, 32x32 pixels, 48x48 pixels, or 64x64 pixels.

Custom Logo

Turn this switch on to upload custom logos.

Looker displays two different logos, a small logo in the menu bar:

And a large logo that appears on various pages in the product, including:

After turning on the switch, Looker displays buttons to let you choose your icon files and upload them. The logos must be in an .ICO, .PNG, or .GIF file format. The large logo should be 210x84 pixels in size, and the small logo 100x40 pixels. Both files must be 500KB or smaller.

Custom Document Title

Turn this switch on to enter a custom document title. Looker displays the document title in the browser tabs and windows:

The document title usually shows a user’s location within the Looker application, but Looker will display the custom document title when there is not an available specific document title.

Looker Mentions and Links Back to Looker

By default, scheduled emails include a link that reads “View this data in Looker”:

This link lets the email recipients connect to your Looker instance and further explore the data delivered in the email. The Looker Mentions in Scheduled Emails and Links Back to Looker in Scheduled Emails switches let you remove the reference to Looker, remove the link, or remove both: