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By default, Looker analysts have administrator access to your Looker instance to help your developers and admins troubleshoot issues. If desired, you can now enable and disable Looker analysts’ access to your Looker instance.

If your Looker instance is hosted on your own on-premise or cloud-based equipment, this feature relies on you having already enabled Looker Support access to your Looker application through one of these methods.

Viewing Status in the Help Menu

By default, access is enabled indefinitely, indicated by an infinity symbol in the Looker Help menu:

If access is disabled, then the help menu displays “Support Access: Off”. If access is enabled for only a specified amount of time, then the Help menu shows the remaining time enabled:

Setting and Viewing Status in the Admin Section

You can also see whether support access is enabled next to the Support Access menu item in the Looker Admin section:

Looker admins are able to enable or disable support access. To give this ability to Looker developers, give them a role with the support_access_toggle permission (directly or through a group).

You can enable, limit, extend, and disable support access from the Support Access panel in the Looker Admin section:

The Support Access panel, like the Help menu, indicates whether support access is enabled, and for how long access is enabled. If support access is enabled indefinitely, that is indicated by the infinity symbol.

To Enable or Extend Access

The buttons available to enable or extend access depends on your current status:

  • If support access is enabled indefinitely and you want to limit support access to a limited amount of time, choose a timeframe (minutes, days, hours, weeks, or indefinitely) from the dropdown, and enter the number of timeframe units (for example, 30 minutes, 2 days, or 1 week) in the number field. Then click Limit support access.
  • If support access is limited and you want to extend the support access time, choose and enter a new timeframe and click Extend support access.
  • If support access is disabled and you want to enable support access, choose and enter a new timeframe and click Enable support access.

To Disable Access

If support access is enabled for any timeframe, you can disable support access by clicking Revoke access immediately. This will immediately log out all Support Access users.

Support Access Audit

The Support Access Audit section shows data about access to your Looker instance in the the most recent 90 days, updated hourly.

The Changes to Support Access Settings panel lists the most recent events when your support access settings were changed, and includes:

  • Whether support access to your Looker instance was enabled, disabled, or extended
  • The name of the user who changed the support access setting, or an explanation for automatic changes (such as expiration of the access timer)
  • The time and date the setting change occurred

The Recent Access panel shows information about which Looker analysts have recently accessed your Looker instance, including:

  • The name of the Looker analyst who accessed your Looker instance
  • The date the analyst accessed your instance
  • The purpose for which the analyst accessed your instance, which can be one of the following:
    • Alliances / Business Development
    • Bug Reproduction
    • Customer Success Team
    • Development
    • Live Chat Support
    • Operations Team
    • Professional Services
    • Trial Development
    • Zendesk Ticket Resolution

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