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The SMTP page (SMTP stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”) lets you configure your email settings. Looker instances send emails in many situations including new user notification, password resets, administrative notifications, and scheduled looks.

You can use the default mail settings to take advantage of Looker’s email service, without needing to setup anything on your end. However, you can also setup custom values if you want to use your own email service.

Custom Email Options

Mail Server

The URL of your SMTP server.


The address you want Looker emails to appear they are sent from.

User Name

The user name needed to gain access to your SMTP server.


The password needed to gain access to your SMTP server.


If your SMTP server uses the TLS or SSL protocols for more secure email, select this option. Looker displays a drop-down menu of supported TLS and SSL versions. Select your protocol version.

Testing Custom Email Settings

To test your custom email setup, use the Send Test Email button. This will attempt to send a test email to the user who pressed the button; it does not send a test email to everyone.

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