The SMTP page (SMTP stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”) lets you configure your email settings. Looker instances send emails in many situations including new user notification, password resets, administrative notifications, and when users schedule or send Looks and dashboards.

Mail Settings

In Looker’s Admin panel, choose SMTP to see and change your SMTP settings. You can use the default mail settings to take advantage of Looker’s email service, without needing to set up anything on your end.

If you want to use your own email service, select Use custom mail settings. Looker enables access to the email service fields:

In those fields, type the appropriate values for your email service’s SMTP settings:

Once you have entered your SMTP settings, click the Save button to save your configuration. You can also test your settings, or refresh the page to see if your configuration has any errors.

Testing Custom Email Settings

To test your custom email setup, use the Send Test Email button. Looker will attempt to send a test email to the user who pressed the button; it does not send a test email to everyone. Here is a test email that uses the SMTP settings shown above:

SMTP Error Messages

If there are any problems with your SMTP configuration, Looker alerts all admins in three places:

  1. With a warning icon next to the Admin menu.
  2. With a warning message on the SMTP page itself.
  3. With a warning icon next to the SMTP listing in the Admin sidebar.

These errors are visible to all admins on your Looker instance. You can check for errors immediately by refreshing the page after saving custom mail settings.