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Admins can set the default locale and number format for a Looker instance on the Localization page in the General section of the Admin menu. Locales or number formats set at the user or user group levels will supersede a locale or number format set for the instance.


Certain Looker user interface text can be displayed in the following languages:

Language Locale Code and Strings Filename
English en
German de_DE
Spanish es_ES
French fr_FR
Italian it_IT
Japanese ja_JP
Korean ko_KR
Dutch nl_NL
Polish pl_PL
Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR
Portuguese pt_PT
Russian ru_RU
Swedish sv_SE
Turkish tr_TR
Simplified Chinese zh_CN
Traditional Chinese zh_TW

It is helpful if Looker developers who are localizing data models set the models’ default_locale parameters and the titles of their associated strings files equal to the default locale for the instance.

If no locale is set on this page, Looker defaults to en.

For more information about localizing the Looker user interface, see the Supported User-Interface Languages documentation page.

Number Format

Looker's default number format setting for numbers that appear in data tables and visualizations is 1,234.56. However, the number format can be set to any of the following:

For more information about localizing number formatting, see the Localizing Number Formatting documentation page.