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The Homepage page in the General section of Looker’s Admin menu lets admins configure a default homepage for their Looker instance. Looker admins can also set a homepage for a specific user or group with the landing_page user attribute.

Setting a Default Homepage for Your Instance

You can set the default homepage for your instance to the pre-built Looker homepage or to a URL within Looker. By default, Looker displays your organization’s shared folders when users log in to Looker or navigate to the homepage:

To specify a different default homepage for your instance, select one of the following options on the Homepage page under Set a default homepage for your organization:

If you have configured group or user homepage settings with the landing_page user attribute, those settings will override the default homepage you have chosen for your instance. Users with group or user homepages will still be able to access a link to the instance-wide default homepage from the left navigation or Browse menu.

Setting a Homepage for a Specific User or Group

In addition to setting a homepage for your entire instance, you can configure homepage settings for specific users or groups with the landing_page user attribute.

You can assign a specific homepage to a user or to a group by setting the value of the landing_page user attribute to a relative URL within Looker. If you want to assign a specific homepage to multiple users, we recommend that you create a new group specifically for that homepage option.

Setting a homepage for a specific group overrides the default homepage for your instance for members of the group. Setting a user-specific homepage also overrides any group homepage settings as well as the default homepage.