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Log Panel

The Log panel shows the 500 most recent system log messages generated by your Looker instance.

  1. To limit the information shown in the Log window, you can enter text in the Filter field, and the Log window will show only those messages that include the text you entered.
  2. Click Refresh Log to update the log and show the most recent 500 messages.
  3. You can adjust the severity level of log messages that will be shown for various Looker services. This is explained in more detail below.

The Log window is not the best way to look at usage or user history. Instead, check out our Creating Looker Usage and Metadata Reports with i__looker documentation page.

Log Levels

The Log Levels section lets you set the minimum severity level required for a message to show up in the log, for several different Looker services. This allows you to hide log information that does not interest you.

Severity Descriptions

Log message severity levels are listed below, from least severe to most severe:

Service Descriptions

The Master Level drop-down sets the minimum severity level for all the Looker services. You can also set severity levels individually for each Looker service, but you won’t see messages that have a lower severity than the Master Level setting.

For example, if you have set the Master Level to warn, and set the db service to info, you will only see messages with a severity of warn or higher, since that is the setting of Master Level. But, if Master Level is set to warn and you set the db service to error, you will only see messages sent by the db service that have a severity of error or higher.

You can set the log level of messages generated by the following services:

After you have modified the log level for a service, click Set Levels to save your changes.