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Purpose of i__Looker Backups

The Admin tab’s Backup panel lets you configure the backup of information stored in Looker’s i__looker internal database.

Backups configured in the Backup panel work for instances using the internal HyperSQL database. However, especially if you use a MySQL backend database, we highly recommend that you back up your Looker instance daily using the instructions on the Creating Backups documentation page.

A backup is automatically made once per day and includes all information stored in Looker’s i__looker internal database. This includes information about all Looks, dashboards, users, roles, and Spaces on your instance, as well as 90 days’ history of all queries performed.

There are also several other types of backups for Looker:

Configuring the i__looker Backup

On the Admin tab’s Backup panel, you can choose one of the following options:

Retrieving an i__looker Backup

You will need to contact Looker support to retrieve a backup. Backups are encrypted locally before being uploaded to an S3 bucket regardless of whether you use Looker’s S3 bucket or a custom one.