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Admin Settings - Actions

The Actions page in the Platform section of the Admin menu lets you enable services that are integrated with Looker. If you are looking for information on how to build and test actions to request to add to the Looker Action Hub or to add to your own private action hub server, see the Sharing Data Through an Action Hub documentation page.

Users of customer-hosted instances may experience hanging queries when sending or scheduling data to destinations that support streamed results if the customer-hosted executable JAR file from Looker is not able to communicate with Looker’s Action Hub. One solution to address this potential issue is to deploy a customer-hosted action hub. Another solution is to ensure that the JAR file is hosted on a public server so that Looker’s Action Hub can communicate with it.

Enabling an Action

Prompt Looker to check the Looker Action Hub server for new actions by clicking Refresh at the top of the actions list.

Each service that is integrated into Looker’s Actions page has its own requirements. The list of integrations later on this page specifies the available services and the address of an article about setting up and using each service.

First perform any setup steps required on the integrated service. Then enable the integration in Looker, specifying any required information for that service.

To enable an integration:

  1. In the Admin page’s Platform section, click Actions.

  2. Find the service you want to enable, and click the Enable button to the right of the service:

  3. Looker displays a notice about how Looker actions forward data. After you have read the notice, click Accept to acknowledge it.

    Looker then displays the enablement page for the selected service:

  4. Turn on the Enabled switch.

  5. Enter the required information. You should be able to gather this information from your account with the service.

    If you have configured user attributes to provide the service enablement information, click the user attribute icon ( ) to the right of the field. Then you can select the user attribute that will provide the enablement information for that field.

  6. Click Save.

List of Integrated Services

The list below shows services that are currently integrated with Looker and includes a description of the service and the following information:

The Slack (Beta) action allows users to send Looker content in direct messages, public channels, and private channels in Slack using OAuth. It is available for Looker-hosted deployments on 6.24+ with IP Whitelisting disabled and the Slack App Labs feature enabled. Because of these specific deployment requirements, Slack (Beta) is not included in the list of Looker’s integrated services.