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Looker documentation will be moving to cloud.google.com in mid-2022!
All the information you rely on will be migrated and all docs.looker.com URLs will be redirected to the appropriate page.
Set up and administer Looker

Looker gives you the option of having your instance hosted by Looker or of hosting the instance yourself. During the setup process, a Looker Sales Engineer or Professional Services consultant will help you get set up.

There are also many settings that help you administer your Looker instance. These settings include options to customize Looker for your organization, configure authentication for users and groups, control user and group access to data and Looker features, and monitor Looker usage and health.

This page outlines the documentation on setting up and administering Looker.

Set up and administer Looker

cloud Looker-hosted instances

The following pages help you install Looker-hosted instances:

business Customer-hosted instances

The following pages help you install customer-hosted instances:

storage Setting up a database connection

The following pages help you understand how to connect to a database:

school Administrative tutorials

The following pages teach you about a variety of administrative subjects:

settings Administrative panels

The following pages describe Looker’s administration functions: